Monday, 22 June 2009

Done it!!

Finally i have added the writing 'Red Rum' like i wanted on sunday, father's day. So i gave this to my dad straight away! He's thrilled with it. all i want to do now is find a suitable frame for it, i think i would like a boarder mount for it as well.
Dad didn't go to his trip on sunday after. The bus didn't turn up! Dad and his friend were there on time at least 5 mins before they were there for a full half hour waiting.
So when my dad's friend complained apparently the bus was there. Well just saying he was there, but actually was he there?
Anyway done some more on my WIP and i have done some colour mixing also called tweeding on it, quite a pain in the backside!

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Father's Day

Here is the Father's day card i finished yesterday. From last years Cross Stitch card shop magazine. It was quite quick to do.

I was going to put this into a aperture card. i picked out the suitable colour out of the pack. When i go to unfold the card to put my stitching in, it was all stuck together!

How, i do not know it was stuck as like i normally would stick them but with the stitching in of course. But this had no stitching in it, and it was still in with the other cards as if it hadn't been touched.

I tried to pull it apart but it was way too sticky. It was a light green colour card anyway. why it was stuck without anything in it i don't know. So the blue looks quite fine to me now.

Anyway, he has had this early as i won't see him on sunday until about 7pm.
He will be off on a trip with his friend to the Brecon beacons in Wales.

So i am to cook the dinner again. We will be having beef dinner by the looks of things.

Well here is some more progress on Margaret Sherry Horse. Been doing some right side of the background. Sorry about the pic, i hate where the hoop makes a ring too.

June Goals:
Fathers Day card~done
Add a bit of writing on red rum project.
Carry on with MS Horse~still progressing
Start something else or carry on with a different WIP or UFO.

Happy Stitching!!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

June Stitching Goals

Hello all, well its been so long i didn't realise! These days just fly by....
We've had nice weather and some days have been horrible.
Well we have had more good news on our stuff, but havent really been able to get back for it. The Landlord has been lying he said to the lady who is helping us that we have not been evicted,lol. Doesn't mean we're going back there though.
But he also says our stuff is still in our room. but now we're just waiting on a man and a van. Hopefully everything will be there.
If nothing is there, lady said we can go to the police.

Anyway, back to the stitching. I havent done much, apart from the past few days. Done some on my MS horse and started on a father's day card.

June Goals:

Fathers Day card~Started
Add a bit of writing on red rum project.
Carry on with MS Horse.
Start something else or carry on with a different WIP or UFO.

Happy Stitching!

Friday, 22 May 2009

A Quick Finish!

Here is my Latest piece. Hot off the needle!! the bow took longer to do than the whole stitching, lol! This is from a past uk CrossStitcher Magazine.
I will put it up somewhere in my room, its so pretty!!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Thank you and some good news.

Hi all, thank you to the stitchers who have wished me a Happy birthday!!

well as i didn't do much on my birthday the next day was quite productive.
We fancied a cooked breakfast. So we decided to go to the cafe down the road as they always have the offer of a cooked breakfast.
well would you believe it! It was closed. out of all the times we pass there everyday and its open. it had to be closed when we fancied something!
Well, anyway we still fancied this darn breakfast. So we decided to walk further down the road and try the pub. Was there breakfast there?? no!
So we decided to have steak dinner each. well we only had to spend a little more to get a free bottle of wine. we didn't fancy any side orders so had some chocolate indulgence ice cream.
The wine was quite nice actually.

Coming home i knew i shouldn't have gone down this little hill, i wasn't tipsy or anything, for some reason i didn;t fancy going down this hill. I had only 2 glasses of wine a one of the alcho pops. But this was the only shortest route.
Going down this hill, i slipped somehow my left foot touched my bum and the right leg went on top of that leg, so kind of hurt!
was quite upset as not often i fall, and the last time i fell was down a few steps, which hurt!
But after this fall it didn't hurt for long, but in the night it did and i can still feel it now.

Well today had some news, a reply from the people helping with our housing and getting our stuff back from that ex-landlord of ours.
She has sent us a copy of the letter she has sent to him. She has said that we don't want to go back living there due to that we will not be pursuing any breaches of the landlord and tenant act 1985 against him.
She has also wrote that we have asked for our stuff that were in the rooms to be returned. and that if he could write to her so then can arrange collection of our goods then she will get back to us.
This letter was dated the 12th may. so not sure if it was sent to him on that date. But sure she should get a reply from him this week or the next. hopefully she will recieve it one day shes in the office to make things go a bit faster if she hasn't already had it.
She also must have typed out what she wrote of what we told her what has happened as this was also in the letter. There is a few other acts he has breached we can have him for, but i think we will do that after recieving our stuff.
This has been such a long wait a few weeks maybe. But i'm just glad its now on the move!!
Lets hope we have more luck now.
So now next after recieving our stuff back maybe we can get a place. well silly to get a place if we haven't got stuff otherwise we will be bored haha.
So i'm happy happy happy just hearing that as i haven't heard from them since we went there for help. Will keep you updated on this.

Happy Stitching!!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Happy Birthday to meeee!!

Hello all, well its my birthday today. Happy with lots of birthday wishes on facebook, cards, pressies and money. =) other than that a bit boring really lol. it is normally like that though with me.
only my partner was in work most of the day. but he's got the day off tommorrow so will spend more time together. i was a bit tired today anyway.

Started on the little winnie the pooh kit on the weekend. haven't finished it today as well was tired.
other than that, nothing much more happened over the weekend.

Happy Stitching!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Getting some stitching done!

Well this is what my margaret sherry winter horse 'christmas greetings' looks like when i left it.

Here is what he should look like when he's finished: Sherry Collection&all=yes?page=1&category=Margaret Sherry Collection&all=yes

So cute isn't he???

Well yes i have finished Red rum at last! although it took a little longer than the weekend. I just want to add something to it now, so i want to figure it out first then i will post a piccy!

May Goals:
Finish Red Rum this weekend.~ Done!! but a bit longer than the weekend.
Start back to Margaret Sherry's horse.~Started back
I would like to do a magazine freebie which is a winnie the pooh sketch.~Started.

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Must get on....

With my stitching!

My friend Stella & i have challenged each other this weekend. I have to finish my horse and she has to finish her san man. haha! we email each other most weekdays when i have my computer.

I didn't do any goals for april
April Goals so far:Finish Red rum horse ~A little Bit but not finished yet
Go back to stitching on Margaret Sherry's winter horse (haven't done any on that for ages). ~have not got back to this yet.

May Goals:
Finish Red Rum this weekend.
Start back to Margaret Sherry's horse.
I would like to do a magazine freebie which is a winnie the pooh sketch.

Was quite busy the past 2 days. Got rid of some stuff in my bedroom, didn't know i had so much rubbish.
and i made dinner. we had Hock (cold ham) with new potatoes, peas a parsley sauce, yummy!

Can't wait for my partner to come home from spain tonight too! He's been gone just over a week.

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Sorry for the absence!

Hello all, hope you're all well. Sorry if you been coming by and theres been nothing posted.
Been having quite a stressful time the past few weeks.

My partner and i have been up my parents to visit a while. We are still here. do you know why?
The Landlord has thrown us out of our place! No Notice of eviction or anything! yes we got to sign an eviction notice, which we haven't seen any let alone sign one.
Just a text, a text to say he has ended our tenancy. he says we didn't text him back before, which we have and we have evidence a text report to say he has recieved it with dates and everything.
one of the girls who live there phoned my partner to ask us where we were cos someone moved in to our room. and then another girl confirmed that.

So as for our stuff and belongings we do not know where it is. To move our stuff he has to have a court order. No sign of that either.

Since we found out we have not been in touch with the Landlord. As we're quite upset with him at the moment and don't really want to meet him ever again.

The next week after this happened (as my partner has had some work) we went to the citizens advice bureau.
Didn't have to queue as the woman at the desk said that what he done is illegal and she has given us a few leaflets and and give us a place to go to for help.
where we went for help is called Shelter. They help with people who are threatened with eviction. well bonus for us as we didn't even have a threat.

As she is only in her office twice a week. We met her on the thursday at this hall in town.
She said she is going to send a letter to the Landlord to try and get our things back.
If he doesn't give our things back, then it goes to a small claims court. But i don't want to really do that as i'm not a money grabber like Landlord is.
So i emailed her on the friday as she asked for a list f what he should have. As i don't know how specific that list supposed to be, i'm waiting for an answer.
There was bank holiday on monday, so she wasn't in on her normal day. and she is supposed to be there today, no reply for the email yet. also she has given us directions on where to go on housing lists and help etc.

At the moment, my partner is in spain with work so i let the woman know about that as well.
He should be back this weekend anyway.
oh how i hope thinsg will work out faster. at least then we know if we got our stuff back then theres one less thing to worry about and then find another place.
At least mum is having a break from my partner being around. as she does moan if we stay too long. it will give us more time to get ourselves a place.

What a nightmare this year is so far.

other than that i have been stitching here and there, but not as much as normal. Been worrying too much about things.

Oh well, send us some Good luck wishes.

Happy stitching.

oh well send us Good luck.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Card

A Lot of you liked my Last years Easter card. This one is from the same set. From last years Easter Cross stitch card shop magazine. soooo cute!!
This one i made for my parents. I done it in a bit of a rush, i couldn't find the right stuff i wanted to make it into a better card.
No wonder i'm not getting to finish Red rum lol. just a few stitches and then the backstitch on that to do.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

First Post for April

Here is the first picture of april, still on Red rum as you can see. i havent done much, but it seems to be progressing quite well, i was hoping to finish it this weekend, but i'm not sure if i can.
The colours here and there are a pain and taking much longer, as i'm having to find what goes where.

April Goals so far:

Finish Red rum horse
Go back to stitching on Margaret Sherry's winter horse (haven't done any on that for ages).

The past few days have been lovely and warm. when i took the dog for a walk yesterday. I met this lady i know. She gave me a load of Card making items quite a few months back. well everytime i see her, she wants me to make cards so i can sell them in her shop.
She sells cards and i think card making items too.
But i'm not that confident at card making. But i have stitched a card for her last easter. I think thats what refering to in me making cards. I'm just wondering if it will take up too much time or will it will be worth the money. anyway, she said i can send some over anytime. But i think i will give it a bit more thought first. it would be good, the money during this Credit crunch i suppose, and the ones i dont sell i could put on ebay or give to charity.

Happy Stitching!

Monday, 30 March 2009

End of March update.

Heres the latest finish i have now put it into a card for my parents anniversary.
The scan of it here, doesnt do it any justice! doesnt even look straight, haha. but it is straight really, and much better looking than this scan.
quite proud of it actually, looks a bit better than my last 2.

I've done quite a bit more on my horse as well on the weekend. nearly finished the horse and jockey bit at the bottom. I think it will be finished before i know it.
I will upload a wip pic of it tommorrow.
I think when i finished this i will continue Margaret sherry's winter horse design. so cute! I haven't worked on it for ages. but i have done less than i thought on it when i looked at it earlier.

Well when i was going through some things earlier you should have seen my face. I found something i'm pretty sure i sent it off months ago. obviously i didn't cos its still here! she didnt notify me that she didnt recieve it. It was her RR. I had it a long time as i wasn't able to get hold of her. and eventually i did. and then this! i was shocked when i saw this,lol. oh well i will have to post it soon.

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Got some horrible weather again now.....

Its been nice and sunny all weekend but now to the start of the week its freezing!
Well, over the weekend i mounted the other mothers day card. and i started the daffodils for my parents anniversary and i finished it yesterday. i think i will put it on some blue card.
I've also started doing the bottom piece (the jockey and horse bit) of the red rum project as i was getting a bit fed up of different colours everywhere on the other part, but shall get back to that soon. My ORT (old ragged threads) Jar is getting fuller and fuller now lol.

Happy stitching!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Here's another one....

Well it took a while to decorate the card. Don't ask! i just couldn't find things and the stamp didnt work well.
Not really that happy about this one. something missing on it and i don't know what. But happy with the stitched part of it.
and now its in the post off to the partner's mum.

Now to decorate and add the other flower to some card soon, just let me get over this one first,lol.

Lovely weather again here today!

Happy stitching!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

My first finished piece of 2009 is here!

Here is a piece i'm going to put in a card for Mother's day. took me ages to find a design suitable. My first finish of 2009! This one only took me a few hours. and its from a cross stitch card shop magazine.
I find french knots quite easy to do.
I was also amazed that if you don't know how to do french knots, they show you how to do them on youtube!

I've nearly finished one for my partners mum too a design from the same magazine.

So they should both be in cards very soon, will have to put photos up!

also more of Red rum here.....

Been doing the odd stitches here and there.
I hate it when the hoop has to lay o the stitches, they squash my stitches so bad. but they will come out in the wash and when i iron it from the back.

Well, we've had really nice weather here. Its really is like spring has come! St.patricks day was great. i had taken the dog for anice long walk and its was glorious weather, i can still feel it and its night time.

Happy stitching Folks!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

A Winning Ticket!

ok, only won £10 (GBpounds) on the lottery on saturday. went down on sunday to collect it the machines were down. Funny how you can still buy a scratchcard though. So hopefully tommorrow it will be working again.

Well if the weather is fine in the morning i will take the dog out for a good run as she didn't go out for a walk today. The weather has been horrid today and i had been doing the sunday cooking for most of the early afternoon. And trust dad to give her the bum part of the chicken when its all muddy outside. white furred dog (who like to bury things) and mud doesn't mix!

oh well at least i got some kind of stitching done this weekend, still not much though. But will put a WIP pic up tommorrow. Also thinking of doing a mother's day card, if i got the time!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Expecting some Snow.

on the weather forecast, says Wales might have some Snow, yipppeeeeee! Lets hope!

I was watching deal or no deal yesterday, i don't usually watch it. But its a coincidence cos the man in the chair is a 70 odd yr old cross stitcher! He showed on there his latest finished piece. It was a design of 4 or 5 ladies on it. As they showed it, the front looked exactly the same as the back of it! Apparently he does stitching for about 8 hrs a day. Good on him i say! Considering i'm struggling to do 2 hrs a day of it,haha!

On about that i haven't done much today, been sorting out some more threads for it as i didn't have all the ones i want for it out of my storage boxes. i thought it would be easier if i just had a few bobbins out for a while, so be easier to find what i want when i'm stitching. Now it was the time to get out all the ones i needed. I really do think i'm doing quite well on this as i havent finished a big project for a good while now.

Happy stitching!!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Some more WIP.

Here he is, Red rum is coming on well. Over the months since i last put a WIP (sometime in april was it?) up of him, its been off and on stitching on him. But the past few days have done quite well. I thought to start on the background. so when i get fed up of all the different colours, i can do some of that bit instead.

Quite enjoying stitching this at the moment though. Hmmmm. i wonder if i will get it finished this year? mind you i been saying that every year......

you should be able to view my old wip and of what it should turn out to look like photos of this in the archives on here, or maybe on my webshots.

Happy stitching!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Happy St.Davids Day!

Just popping to wish everyone a Happy St. Davids day!

Now to get back to my stitching, not that i've done much today!

Saturday, 28 February 2009

From now i will try my best to keep this blog up to date....

i know i won't be able to do i everyday as i don't have the internet all the time.

I haven't done much stitching this year either. :(

But i have started on Red rum WIP again in the past few days. so i will put a WIP photo up tommorrow.
Above are the last 2 finishes from last year. One is an Angel stitchlets from mouseloft card and the other is the Reindeer from Cross stitch card shop magazine.
I have also added some more photos in my web photo album and its under the folder called charity stitching..
I'm showing my articles from magazines in anything i've been involved in with charity stitching on there, so then we know what piece is for what charity.....
Thanks for your visit and happy stitching!