Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Card

A Lot of you liked my Last years Easter card. This one is from the same set. From last years Easter Cross stitch card shop magazine. soooo cute!!
This one i made for my parents. I done it in a bit of a rush, i couldn't find the right stuff i wanted to make it into a better card.
No wonder i'm not getting to finish Red rum lol. just a few stitches and then the backstitch on that to do.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

First Post for April

Here is the first picture of april, still on Red rum as you can see. i havent done much, but it seems to be progressing quite well, i was hoping to finish it this weekend, but i'm not sure if i can.
The colours here and there are a pain and taking much longer, as i'm having to find what goes where.

April Goals so far:

Finish Red rum horse
Go back to stitching on Margaret Sherry's winter horse (haven't done any on that for ages).

The past few days have been lovely and warm. when i took the dog for a walk yesterday. I met this lady i know. She gave me a load of Card making items quite a few months back. well everytime i see her, she wants me to make cards so i can sell them in her shop.
She sells cards and i think card making items too.
But i'm not that confident at card making. But i have stitched a card for her last easter. I think thats what refering to in me making cards. I'm just wondering if it will take up too much time or will it will be worth the money. anyway, she said i can send some over anytime. But i think i will give it a bit more thought first. it would be good, the money during this Credit crunch i suppose, and the ones i dont sell i could put on ebay or give to charity.

Happy Stitching!