Monday, 30 March 2009

End of March update.

Heres the latest finish i have now put it into a card for my parents anniversary.
The scan of it here, doesnt do it any justice! doesnt even look straight, haha. but it is straight really, and much better looking than this scan.
quite proud of it actually, looks a bit better than my last 2.

I've done quite a bit more on my horse as well on the weekend. nearly finished the horse and jockey bit at the bottom. I think it will be finished before i know it.
I will upload a wip pic of it tommorrow.
I think when i finished this i will continue Margaret sherry's winter horse design. so cute! I haven't worked on it for ages. but i have done less than i thought on it when i looked at it earlier.

Well when i was going through some things earlier you should have seen my face. I found something i'm pretty sure i sent it off months ago. obviously i didn't cos its still here! she didnt notify me that she didnt recieve it. It was her RR. I had it a long time as i wasn't able to get hold of her. and eventually i did. and then this! i was shocked when i saw this,lol. oh well i will have to post it soon.

Happy Stitching!

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