Monday, 2 March 2009

Some more WIP.

Here he is, Red rum is coming on well. Over the months since i last put a WIP (sometime in april was it?) up of him, its been off and on stitching on him. But the past few days have done quite well. I thought to start on the background. so when i get fed up of all the different colours, i can do some of that bit instead.

Quite enjoying stitching this at the moment though. Hmmmm. i wonder if i will get it finished this year? mind you i been saying that every year......

you should be able to view my old wip and of what it should turn out to look like photos of this in the archives on here, or maybe on my webshots.

Happy stitching!

1 comment:

starydreamer said...

looking good im sure you will get it done this year!!