Sunday, 8 March 2009

A Winning Ticket!

ok, only won £10 (GBpounds) on the lottery on saturday. went down on sunday to collect it the machines were down. Funny how you can still buy a scratchcard though. So hopefully tommorrow it will be working again.

Well if the weather is fine in the morning i will take the dog out for a good run as she didn't go out for a walk today. The weather has been horrid today and i had been doing the sunday cooking for most of the early afternoon. And trust dad to give her the bum part of the chicken when its all muddy outside. white furred dog (who like to bury things) and mud doesn't mix!

oh well at least i got some kind of stitching done this weekend, still not much though. But will put a WIP pic up tommorrow. Also thinking of doing a mother's day card, if i got the time!

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