Saturday, 9 May 2009

Must get on....

With my stitching!

My friend Stella & i have challenged each other this weekend. I have to finish my horse and she has to finish her san man. haha! we email each other most weekdays when i have my computer.

I didn't do any goals for april
April Goals so far:Finish Red rum horse ~A little Bit but not finished yet
Go back to stitching on Margaret Sherry's winter horse (haven't done any on that for ages). ~have not got back to this yet.

May Goals:
Finish Red Rum this weekend.
Start back to Margaret Sherry's horse.
I would like to do a magazine freebie which is a winnie the pooh sketch.

Was quite busy the past 2 days. Got rid of some stuff in my bedroom, didn't know i had so much rubbish.
and i made dinner. we had Hock (cold ham) with new potatoes, peas a parsley sauce, yummy!

Can't wait for my partner to come home from spain tonight too! He's been gone just over a week.

Happy Stitching!

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