Thursday, 25 March 2010

Been Bored i have decided to create and sell

Even though i have some backstitch left to do on that bookmark. I've been quite bored. Just stuck on the computer all the time or watching telly really.
Been Reading a trashy Jilly cooper novel also. I have never read her before, but i was looking for a different author to read. I bought that book and some others at a book fair in town a few weeks ago. I haven't read a good book in a while. Been doing all that stitching i suppose.

Today, to stop my boredom of doing time killing things such as going on facebook a lot, but fair play i never play farmville i refuse to go on there.
Well i have decided to make and sell things. Just out of the blue like that.
I bought beads and charms, headpins and eyepins etc, to make things such as mobile phone charms. yes i had some tools as well
I think i will stick with mobile phone/bag charms at the moment, i will then start making things like wine glass tags/charms and bookmarks. and also sell handmade cards too one day.
oh and i will be creating cross stitch charms too. just to use the bits of aida i got left over and don't know what to do with. i hope i can use aida, but i think it maybe will not be strong enough unlike plastic canvas.

Maybe on ebay or etsy i will call my shop 'I cell phone key charms' I sell funky charms, haha get it? ok a bit sad hahaha maybe something like 'Wine glass charms' will be better.

Oh well i hope to recieve my package on saturday, yep the lovely lady is very fast. I don't mind it coming on monday though, give me a little more time to think of ideas etc.
I hope i can get into it, i want to be more creative than i am as these days i can only go from instructions, and not able to get ideas of my own.

I might even then when i make different things i can have workshop days and each workshop day i will make something different to the previous day.
who knows i may make a business out of it i may not. Depends on how it goes........

Well Good luck to me!

Happy stitching !!!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

My Latest Little Finish

This was quick to do, A mother's day design from cross stitch collection, an issue from back in the 90's i think!

The colours look lighter in real life, so i'm not fussy on it, i rather it look like what it shows in the magazine.

I'm still doing the bookmark, well i havent picked it up for days. i only got the backstith to do really. I know i'm going to need so iron on interfacing to go on the back of it. The latest winnie the pooh kits from designer stitches doesn't have anything for the back of them.

And i am chuffed today as Wales has beaten Italy in the rugby today! YESSSSSSS!!!!

Friday, 26 February 2010

A Change for me, Postie day!!

Postie day!! I recieved these, from a stitchy Facebook friend called Allison. Though i know her from a stitchy forum from years ago.
She bought these unfinished winnie the pooh works off ebay. When she recieved them she didn't fancy finishing them off as the stitches was going in the other direction from what she does.
So when she was giving them away on facebook, i said i do them, meaning the direction is the ones i do. But now i find that she does the stitches the way i do them so anyway i don't mind doing them that way. Our stitches go like / and then over the top arm \ the one in the works go the other way around.

the pooh, piglet and butterflies on the right is an actual finished one already. but all the stitches go in all sorts of directions in this one. So i think i might give this one to aunty Jane and her stitch for charity organisation, i will put it in a package when i do my bit for Hanny's Hearts of love blankets this year, when i get some kind of time!

I think i should be able to finish off The Tigger bookmark this weekend.
But in this kit, theres no backing or tassel or anything. The earlier Designer stitches kits have them but not the later ones.
so I don't think i will add a tassle but something for a backing will be nice, white ribbon or maybe even is it called iron on interfacing?
Maybe i will have my first wish on the san man board soon then, as i have never made a wish on there before.
Not forgetting i'm thinking of doing another bookmark, so i might need a bit more.

Oh yeah Wales lost this weekend too to france. So i had to take my flag down from the Window in Shame. :0(

Happy Stitching!

Monday, 15 February 2010

An Eventful Weekend.

My First ever San Man originals Stitched and my first finish of 2010.
A valentines card,, this took me ages to do. well what seemed like ages. The half stitches were quite fiddly.
I have left out the Backstitched stars as i thought it might be too much as i want the design to focus on the hearts and i done this on 16 count aida so i thought it may be a bit to much anyway if i added them. not because i was too lazy to do them or that i could do the french knots. I can do french knots haha.
The card is a lighter colour than it shows on here so you can see the red more.
Anyway i finished it yesterday. and he loved it!

Still stitching the other what i said i'm stitching. I;m stitching a bookmark for him too. Thats not finished yet, that will take a few days.
I done some while watching the Wales v Scotland match. Oh i'm so glad we won in the end. Rubbish game but well done Wales for getting there in the end!
Saturday it was our anniversary, as well. yes and we watched that match. He bought me a bunch a red roses, they're gorgeous! I suppose they were for saturday and valentines day.
I was over the moon!

Sunday, i went to a car boot sale, haven;t been to it for a while. I didn't get much. I bought some top trump cards as the other half collects them.
God knows how many packets of them he got. But the ones i had for him were really old ones.
In the Mirror paper this week, they're giving away Top trump cards. you have to go to WHSmith to collect the box.
So i done this on sunday as well. I had to go there twice as it didnt open until 11am!
But anyway i put over the voucher for the top trumps box, it was a piece of card!! i thought it would've been a plastic case! you have to pop out the piece of card and fold it to make it into a box. well they could've put this in the paper with the cards. That really annoyed me that did.

When we got back i finished my san man valentines card at last. Cooked sunday dinner, watched 2 adam sandler films. 50 first dates i enjoyed. Then Click came on and that was a load of rubbish. i won't be watching that one again.

Happy Stitching!

Friday, 12 February 2010

There's Just not enough Hours in the day.....

No picture today. Been stitching, stitching and stitching.
only when i'm on my own though as i'm doing some valentines stitching.

i got 2 things on the go. One i have to use the chart from the computer screen as i got no printer ink at the moment, and by the time i order ink and it arrives i probably done the chart by then. and i got another one luckily this ones a kit so the chart is inside it.

It's also our anniversary tommorrow(saturday). Anniversary of how long we have been together that is.
5 years!!! Gone so quick.......

So hows this, how can i finish these 2 things, mount and put them together. and spend time with him for our anniversary. These really need to be finished by sunday don't they???

Happy Stitching!!

Monday, 8 February 2010

A little bit of what i done in January....

Done most of eeyore. you can't really see the white stitches on here, but i have done loads. and i got loads left to do, at the moment i'm fed up of stitching white. i'm not going to do any other colours on this one until i tackled a lot more white. otherwise i will be left doing the white at the end.
also i got to undo the pooh scarf as i havent got enough of that colour. i can't find it in my DMC thread collection either. and i got all of DMC normal colours anyway. On the chart it doesnt give me the DMC thread number i need.
and designer stitches have gone out of business so i can't complain to them that theres not enough cotton in my kit. but however i got to stitch with the nearest colour now.

This weekend done some stitching while watching the Wales and england match. To which sadly Wales lost. At least i had some stitching done on row of love heehee.

Happy Stitching!!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Getting on with a UFO.......

I have had this kit for years. A row of love by dimensions is such a lovely design.

I haven't stitched on it for a long long time. Now this week i am back onto it!
It looks a lot smaller in this scan than in real life.

I have even washed it as it looked grubby. But then disaster has come and some of the thread colour had run, so i will have to sort that out. It says what to do if the colour does run on the back of the chart.
Happy Stitching!

Sunday, 31 January 2010

A Lot of stitching, but not enough Blogging!!

Well it's been since summer i haven't blogged. Time flys!!

I don't know why i haven't been blogging, i think facebook takes over my life a bit, and i have been doing quite a bit of ebaying over the christmas.

Well here is my lastest finished piece of stitching i can show you.

From a christmas issue of a Cross stitch card shop magazine.

on 14 count aida with green sparklybits in it. I don't know the name of the company its from!

I made this for a friend and her family. They loved it, after a took a picture i had put a big gold bow on the corner, it had set it off really well.

A Snowman, I think this is from a Cross stitch card shop magazine as well.

Done on 14 count aida. See the Rainbow sparkly bits in this one?

This was for the In-laws.

A Thomas the tank Birthday Card for our friends Son's first Birthday. They have nicknamed their son 'The Tank'. So i just had to make this one.

Chart for this is taken out from one of Gillian Souter's Storybook favourites in cross stitch book.

It is part of the thomas the tank sampler.

This one is the Autobot from Transformers. How cool is that???
I done this for my other half, he loved it! This is a free pattern online.
I am hoping the dicepticon will be available for him for his next birthday.

I have some more stitching i done over the christmas to show you. I will take photo's soon.
So this side of the year i have been stitching on Winnie the pooh 'snowmen' kit. I have found out that i haven't got enough thread for winnie the pooh's scarf in this, and i can't find the colour in the DMC collection and i got most colours.
So looks like i will have to undo what i have done of his scarf and use the nearest colour.
I would've contacted the makers, Designer stitches for more thread but they're out of business.

But i have been doing lots of the snowy stitches on there, as theres lots, but i had got a bit fed up of stitching the white.
I done plenty of it, but i know if i start stitching another colour on it at the moment, the snow will be still there for me to do at the end.

So this week i have put winnie the pooh away and i have my Row of love project out.
I have had this kit started years ago, and i can't wait to have it finished.
I have promised myself until i have finished one of these larger projects, i can then start on another large project. There's plenty i would like to do.

Pictures to follow soon....

Take care x