Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Thank you and some good news.

Hi all, thank you to the stitchers who have wished me a Happy birthday!!

well as i didn't do much on my birthday the next day was quite productive.
We fancied a cooked breakfast. So we decided to go to the cafe down the road as they always have the offer of a cooked breakfast.
well would you believe it! It was closed. out of all the times we pass there everyday and its open. it had to be closed when we fancied something!
Well, anyway we still fancied this darn breakfast. So we decided to walk further down the road and try the pub. Was there breakfast there?? no!
So we decided to have steak dinner each. well we only had to spend a little more to get a free bottle of wine. we didn't fancy any side orders so had some chocolate indulgence ice cream.
The wine was quite nice actually.

Coming home i knew i shouldn't have gone down this little hill, i wasn't tipsy or anything, for some reason i didn;t fancy going down this hill. I had only 2 glasses of wine a one of the alcho pops. But this was the only shortest route.
Going down this hill, i slipped somehow my left foot touched my bum and the right leg went on top of that leg, so kind of hurt!
was quite upset as not often i fall, and the last time i fell was down a few steps, which hurt!
But after this fall it didn't hurt for long, but in the night it did and i can still feel it now.

Well today had some news, a reply from the people helping with our housing and getting our stuff back from that ex-landlord of ours.
She has sent us a copy of the letter she has sent to him. She has said that we don't want to go back living there due to that we will not be pursuing any breaches of the landlord and tenant act 1985 against him.
She has also wrote that we have asked for our stuff that were in the rooms to be returned. and that if he could write to her so then can arrange collection of our goods then she will get back to us.
This letter was dated the 12th may. so not sure if it was sent to him on that date. But sure she should get a reply from him this week or the next. hopefully she will recieve it one day shes in the office to make things go a bit faster if she hasn't already had it.
She also must have typed out what she wrote of what we told her what has happened as this was also in the letter. There is a few other acts he has breached we can have him for, but i think we will do that after recieving our stuff.
This has been such a long wait a few weeks maybe. But i'm just glad its now on the move!!
Lets hope we have more luck now.
So now next after recieving our stuff back maybe we can get a place. well silly to get a place if we haven't got stuff otherwise we will be bored haha.
So i'm happy happy happy just hearing that as i haven't heard from them since we went there for help. Will keep you updated on this.

Happy Stitching!!

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starydreamer said...

im so glad that things are improving for you and im glad you had a lovely birthday xxx