Thursday, 18 June 2009

June Stitching Goals

Hello all, well its been so long i didn't realise! These days just fly by....
We've had nice weather and some days have been horrible.
Well we have had more good news on our stuff, but havent really been able to get back for it. The Landlord has been lying he said to the lady who is helping us that we have not been evicted,lol. Doesn't mean we're going back there though.
But he also says our stuff is still in our room. but now we're just waiting on a man and a van. Hopefully everything will be there.
If nothing is there, lady said we can go to the police.

Anyway, back to the stitching. I havent done much, apart from the past few days. Done some on my MS horse and started on a father's day card.

June Goals:

Fathers Day card~Started
Add a bit of writing on red rum project.
Carry on with MS Horse.
Start something else or carry on with a different WIP or UFO.

Happy Stitching!

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