Tuesday, 17 March 2009

My first finished piece of 2009 is here!

Here is a piece i'm going to put in a card for Mother's day. took me ages to find a design suitable. My first finish of 2009! This one only took me a few hours. and its from a cross stitch card shop magazine.
I find french knots quite easy to do.
I was also amazed that if you don't know how to do french knots, they show you how to do them on youtube!

I've nearly finished one for my partners mum too a design from the same magazine.

So they should both be in cards very soon, will have to put photos up!

also more of Red rum here.....

Been doing the odd stitches here and there.
I hate it when the hoop has to lay o the stitches, they squash my stitches so bad. but they will come out in the wash and when i iron it from the back.

Well, we've had really nice weather here. Its really is like spring has come! St.patricks day was great. i had taken the dog for anice long walk and its was glorious weather, i can still feel it and its night time.

Happy stitching Folks!


starydreamer said...

very pretty Amy im sure your mums gonna love it :-) we have had beautiful weather here too not supprising as we arent far away for each other!!!! not that i can enjoy it at the moment with the house being done :-(

Carla said...

Congrats on your fisrt finish of the year!!!
Your horse is coming along very nice.