Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Expecting some Snow.

on the weather forecast, says Wales might have some Snow, yipppeeeeee! Lets hope!

I was watching deal or no deal yesterday, i don't usually watch it. But its a coincidence cos the man in the chair is a 70 odd yr old cross stitcher! He showed on there his latest finished piece. It was a design of 4 or 5 ladies on it. As they showed it, the front looked exactly the same as the back of it! Apparently he does stitching for about 8 hrs a day. Good on him i say! Considering i'm struggling to do 2 hrs a day of it,haha!

On about that i haven't done much today, been sorting out some more threads for it as i didn't have all the ones i want for it out of my storage boxes. i thought it would be easier if i just had a few bobbins out for a while, so be easier to find what i want when i'm stitching. Now it was the time to get out all the ones i needed. I really do think i'm doing quite well on this as i havent finished a big project for a good while now.

Happy stitching!!

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starydreamer said...

cool!!! not sure about the snow though we had enough last time i think!!!