Monday, 30 March 2009

End of March update.

Heres the latest finish i have now put it into a card for my parents anniversary.
The scan of it here, doesnt do it any justice! doesnt even look straight, haha. but it is straight really, and much better looking than this scan.
quite proud of it actually, looks a bit better than my last 2.

I've done quite a bit more on my horse as well on the weekend. nearly finished the horse and jockey bit at the bottom. I think it will be finished before i know it.
I will upload a wip pic of it tommorrow.
I think when i finished this i will continue Margaret sherry's winter horse design. so cute! I haven't worked on it for ages. but i have done less than i thought on it when i looked at it earlier.

Well when i was going through some things earlier you should have seen my face. I found something i'm pretty sure i sent it off months ago. obviously i didn't cos its still here! she didnt notify me that she didnt recieve it. It was her RR. I had it a long time as i wasn't able to get hold of her. and eventually i did. and then this! i was shocked when i saw this,lol. oh well i will have to post it soon.

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Got some horrible weather again now.....

Its been nice and sunny all weekend but now to the start of the week its freezing!
Well, over the weekend i mounted the other mothers day card. and i started the daffodils for my parents anniversary and i finished it yesterday. i think i will put it on some blue card.
I've also started doing the bottom piece (the jockey and horse bit) of the red rum project as i was getting a bit fed up of different colours everywhere on the other part, but shall get back to that soon. My ORT (old ragged threads) Jar is getting fuller and fuller now lol.

Happy stitching!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Here's another one....

Well it took a while to decorate the card. Don't ask! i just couldn't find things and the stamp didnt work well.
Not really that happy about this one. something missing on it and i don't know what. But happy with the stitched part of it.
and now its in the post off to the partner's mum.

Now to decorate and add the other flower to some card soon, just let me get over this one first,lol.

Lovely weather again here today!

Happy stitching!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

My first finished piece of 2009 is here!

Here is a piece i'm going to put in a card for Mother's day. took me ages to find a design suitable. My first finish of 2009! This one only took me a few hours. and its from a cross stitch card shop magazine.
I find french knots quite easy to do.
I was also amazed that if you don't know how to do french knots, they show you how to do them on youtube!

I've nearly finished one for my partners mum too a design from the same magazine.

So they should both be in cards very soon, will have to put photos up!

also more of Red rum here.....

Been doing the odd stitches here and there.
I hate it when the hoop has to lay o the stitches, they squash my stitches so bad. but they will come out in the wash and when i iron it from the back.

Well, we've had really nice weather here. Its really is like spring has come! St.patricks day was great. i had taken the dog for anice long walk and its was glorious weather, i can still feel it and its night time.

Happy stitching Folks!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

A Winning Ticket!

ok, only won £10 (GBpounds) on the lottery on saturday. went down on sunday to collect it the machines were down. Funny how you can still buy a scratchcard though. So hopefully tommorrow it will be working again.

Well if the weather is fine in the morning i will take the dog out for a good run as she didn't go out for a walk today. The weather has been horrid today and i had been doing the sunday cooking for most of the early afternoon. And trust dad to give her the bum part of the chicken when its all muddy outside. white furred dog (who like to bury things) and mud doesn't mix!

oh well at least i got some kind of stitching done this weekend, still not much though. But will put a WIP pic up tommorrow. Also thinking of doing a mother's day card, if i got the time!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Expecting some Snow.

on the weather forecast, says Wales might have some Snow, yipppeeeeee! Lets hope!

I was watching deal or no deal yesterday, i don't usually watch it. But its a coincidence cos the man in the chair is a 70 odd yr old cross stitcher! He showed on there his latest finished piece. It was a design of 4 or 5 ladies on it. As they showed it, the front looked exactly the same as the back of it! Apparently he does stitching for about 8 hrs a day. Good on him i say! Considering i'm struggling to do 2 hrs a day of it,haha!

On about that i haven't done much today, been sorting out some more threads for it as i didn't have all the ones i want for it out of my storage boxes. i thought it would be easier if i just had a few bobbins out for a while, so be easier to find what i want when i'm stitching. Now it was the time to get out all the ones i needed. I really do think i'm doing quite well on this as i havent finished a big project for a good while now.

Happy stitching!!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Some more WIP.

Here he is, Red rum is coming on well. Over the months since i last put a WIP (sometime in april was it?) up of him, its been off and on stitching on him. But the past few days have done quite well. I thought to start on the background. so when i get fed up of all the different colours, i can do some of that bit instead.

Quite enjoying stitching this at the moment though. Hmmmm. i wonder if i will get it finished this year? mind you i been saying that every year......

you should be able to view my old wip and of what it should turn out to look like photos of this in the archives on here, or maybe on my webshots.

Happy stitching!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Happy St.Davids Day!

Just popping to wish everyone a Happy St. Davids day!

Now to get back to my stitching, not that i've done much today!