Thursday, 4 February 2010

Getting on with a UFO.......

I have had this kit for years. A row of love by dimensions is such a lovely design.

I haven't stitched on it for a long long time. Now this week i am back onto it!
It looks a lot smaller in this scan than in real life.

I have even washed it as it looked grubby. But then disaster has come and some of the thread colour had run, so i will have to sort that out. It says what to do if the colour does run on the back of the chart.
Happy Stitching!


Little Cat said...

Aww I love that design! The teddies are so cute :o) Hope you manage to sort out the colour run. I always dread having to wash any of my work.

Can I ask where you got the chart for the Thomas card you stitched? My 3rd yr old is Thomas mad too and I'd love to know where you got the chart.

PMSL - my word verification is unbare - how appropriate lol

Anonymous said...

You are fantastic! Hope to bring home one when I have my pembrokeshire holiday. I am really a fan.