Friday, 26 February 2010

A Change for me, Postie day!!

Postie day!! I recieved these, from a stitchy Facebook friend called Allison. Though i know her from a stitchy forum from years ago.
She bought these unfinished winnie the pooh works off ebay. When she recieved them she didn't fancy finishing them off as the stitches was going in the other direction from what she does.
So when she was giving them away on facebook, i said i do them, meaning the direction is the ones i do. But now i find that she does the stitches the way i do them so anyway i don't mind doing them that way. Our stitches go like / and then over the top arm \ the one in the works go the other way around.

the pooh, piglet and butterflies on the right is an actual finished one already. but all the stitches go in all sorts of directions in this one. So i think i might give this one to aunty Jane and her stitch for charity organisation, i will put it in a package when i do my bit for Hanny's Hearts of love blankets this year, when i get some kind of time!

I think i should be able to finish off The Tigger bookmark this weekend.
But in this kit, theres no backing or tassel or anything. The earlier Designer stitches kits have them but not the later ones.
so I don't think i will add a tassle but something for a backing will be nice, white ribbon or maybe even is it called iron on interfacing?
Maybe i will have my first wish on the san man board soon then, as i have never made a wish on there before.
Not forgetting i'm thinking of doing another bookmark, so i might need a bit more.

Oh yeah Wales lost this weekend too to france. So i had to take my flag down from the Window in Shame. :0(

Happy Stitching!

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socialsue said...

I like Winnie the Pooh characters...but I agree with u. I might have trouble switching over when I am used to stitching / first then \ afterwards to make an X.