Sunday, 31 January 2010

A Lot of stitching, but not enough Blogging!!

Well it's been since summer i haven't blogged. Time flys!!

I don't know why i haven't been blogging, i think facebook takes over my life a bit, and i have been doing quite a bit of ebaying over the christmas.

Well here is my lastest finished piece of stitching i can show you.

From a christmas issue of a Cross stitch card shop magazine.

on 14 count aida with green sparklybits in it. I don't know the name of the company its from!

I made this for a friend and her family. They loved it, after a took a picture i had put a big gold bow on the corner, it had set it off really well.

A Snowman, I think this is from a Cross stitch card shop magazine as well.

Done on 14 count aida. See the Rainbow sparkly bits in this one?

This was for the In-laws.

A Thomas the tank Birthday Card for our friends Son's first Birthday. They have nicknamed their son 'The Tank'. So i just had to make this one.

Chart for this is taken out from one of Gillian Souter's Storybook favourites in cross stitch book.

It is part of the thomas the tank sampler.

This one is the Autobot from Transformers. How cool is that???
I done this for my other half, he loved it! This is a free pattern online.
I am hoping the dicepticon will be available for him for his next birthday.

I have some more stitching i done over the christmas to show you. I will take photo's soon.
So this side of the year i have been stitching on Winnie the pooh 'snowmen' kit. I have found out that i haven't got enough thread for winnie the pooh's scarf in this, and i can't find the colour in the DMC collection and i got most colours.
So looks like i will have to undo what i have done of his scarf and use the nearest colour.
I would've contacted the makers, Designer stitches for more thread but they're out of business.

But i have been doing lots of the snowy stitches on there, as theres lots, but i had got a bit fed up of stitching the white.
I done plenty of it, but i know if i start stitching another colour on it at the moment, the snow will be still there for me to do at the end.

So this week i have put winnie the pooh away and i have my Row of love project out.
I have had this kit started years ago, and i can't wait to have it finished.
I have promised myself until i have finished one of these larger projects, i can then start on another large project. There's plenty i would like to do.

Pictures to follow soon....

Take care x

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