Thursday, 25 March 2010

Been Bored i have decided to create and sell

Even though i have some backstitch left to do on that bookmark. I've been quite bored. Just stuck on the computer all the time or watching telly really.
Been Reading a trashy Jilly cooper novel also. I have never read her before, but i was looking for a different author to read. I bought that book and some others at a book fair in town a few weeks ago. I haven't read a good book in a while. Been doing all that stitching i suppose.

Today, to stop my boredom of doing time killing things such as going on facebook a lot, but fair play i never play farmville i refuse to go on there.
Well i have decided to make and sell things. Just out of the blue like that.
I bought beads and charms, headpins and eyepins etc, to make things such as mobile phone charms. yes i had some tools as well
I think i will stick with mobile phone/bag charms at the moment, i will then start making things like wine glass tags/charms and bookmarks. and also sell handmade cards too one day.
oh and i will be creating cross stitch charms too. just to use the bits of aida i got left over and don't know what to do with. i hope i can use aida, but i think it maybe will not be strong enough unlike plastic canvas.

Maybe on ebay or etsy i will call my shop 'I cell phone key charms' I sell funky charms, haha get it? ok a bit sad hahaha maybe something like 'Wine glass charms' will be better.

Oh well i hope to recieve my package on saturday, yep the lovely lady is very fast. I don't mind it coming on monday though, give me a little more time to think of ideas etc.
I hope i can get into it, i want to be more creative than i am as these days i can only go from instructions, and not able to get ideas of my own.

I might even then when i make different things i can have workshop days and each workshop day i will make something different to the previous day.
who knows i may make a business out of it i may not. Depends on how it goes........

Well Good luck to me!

Happy stitching !!!

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