Saturday, 29 March 2008

I've Just mounted it...

onto a card. I had a bit of a fight with the double sided tape, so i got a bit fed up with it,lol!

I was going to be quite creative with it but i know i didn't have a non aparture card to go with the design.

Friday, 28 March 2008

Daffodil Finish

But i don't think it looks like one. it looks a bit darker here than in March issue of cross stitch crazy mag. But this is going to be for my parents anniversary so i'm going to put it in a card when i get up in the morning.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Stitch Stitch Stitch....

I've been stitching like mad! I've started to stitch a daffodil card for my parents anniversary. so keep a look out for a finish!
and i've now been getting on with Red rum too. I finally realised that the flexi hoop i was using was somehow making my stitching slower so i now tried a wooden hoop and i'm wizzing through it now,lol!
Anyway i just got all the info i need to do my design for Ty hafan welsh Dragon. I can use white aida, yipppeeeee!

Happy stitching all!

Monday, 24 March 2008

Been a little bit busy!

Yay! i finished snoopy at last. He took a bit longer to do than i expected. The backstitch is worse than on tatty teddy! Also finished stitching for Just because exchange. will put pics up very soon.
I am sad to hear That Cross stitch designer Sheila Hudson has passed away as announced on she had such nice patterns!

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Card is now mounted!

I'm quite pleased with this. Thanks to a little help from my friends!


Hello, sorry i haven't posted for a few days again.

I've been a bit busy stitching,lol! I've started to stitch my second piece for the Just because exchange.

I had a good bargain on sunday morning at a car booty. i had 4 of the latest cross stitch magazines for 50p the lot! so i was quite happy with that.

Partner wants me to do these pooh ones for our Friends baby. I did chosse the tigger one at first then he said why not do them all.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Finished at last!

Took me a little while. I will mount it on a card tommorrow maybe and show a piccie!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

well i am nearly there

but looks like i won't finish the thank you card today. Boo! as it is 11.50pm at the moment,lol!
oh well i only have a bit of cross stitching to do and then the backstitch. should finish it tomorrow. I've done a lot on it today mind. i even stitched when i was in the bath!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Started another project today

Only a little one though. For the lady who lives down the road from me as a thank you for the card making stuff she gave me. Its one of them chick & rabbits easter cards in the latest cross stitch card shop mag. so its a thank you and an easter card all in one. should finish it tommorrow. its such a cute design and quite unusual actually.
She's a card maker. she thought cross stitch was done by a sewing machine,lol! and then i will get on doing some more for the Just because exchange as i can't decide what to do at the moment.
I always get to stitch something from cross stitch card shop. My partner complains about the price on it as it is nearly £5.00. i told him its like the BBC no adverts so you have to pay more.
well it does have a few, but not lot like others.
But i will be doing the free snoopy kit soon from it.

and the ball has started rolling for me to do my bit on Ty hafan welsh dragon. Just waiting on a rely now. so i'm happy!!!

I like writing blogs now,looks like i got a few nice comments already, thank you. as on webshots i didn't get many and comments can make you a bit more confident.

Happy stitching all!

Monday, 10 March 2008

Another Finish today!

sorry haven't wrote on here for a few days. if anyone at all is reading my blog,lol! Thank you lisa on the comment of popcorn.

I done a finish for Just because exchange 2008 yesterday (monday). quite happy with it actually. but thing is i can't show anyone until the reveal date.
I cannot wait! well i got to find something else to do now,lol!

i've had some good news that i can do some stitching for Ty hafan for the 'be part of the dragon' organisation with some of my online stitch friends. Here's some more info if anyone wants to take part

Friday, 7 March 2008

Pooh Bear

I decided to stitch this as i thought it would be a quick finish, he was too! i finished him today.

I love pooh & friends. I forgot i had the magazine that the kit came with. i'm not sure whati'm going to do with him yet though. i might just put him on a card. anyway i will put a photo when i've mounted him on something.

WIP of Red Rum

I'm doing this for my father as he's really into his horse racing. its been under my bed for a year or so. but just before christmas i got it back out again. maybe i will get it done for fathers day?

you can go here: to see the first few photos and the photo of what he will turn out like.

I haven't been doing much of him the past few weeks but here's what it looks like now anyway.

My Piece for Hanny's Hearts Blankets

I am quite proud of this. popcorn bear is so cute! Tjis is my first finish of 2008. you never know i might do another one soon, but not this design, took me ages to do. as you probably can see, you can see some thread going across the back. i thought to myself i will have to do it this way rather than keep casting on and off as the longstitches might come undone. especially if people are going to wash the blanket.
if you would like to stitch for charity go to