Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Started another project today

Only a little one though. For the lady who lives down the road from me as a thank you for the card making stuff she gave me. Its one of them chick & rabbits easter cards in the latest cross stitch card shop mag. so its a thank you and an easter card all in one. should finish it tommorrow. its such a cute design and quite unusual actually.
She's a card maker. she thought cross stitch was done by a sewing machine,lol! and then i will get on doing some more for the Just because exchange as i can't decide what to do at the moment.
I always get to stitch something from cross stitch card shop. My partner complains about the price on it as it is nearly £5.00. i told him its like the BBC no adverts so you have to pay more.
well it does have a few, but not lot like others.
But i will be doing the free snoopy kit soon from it.

and the ball has started rolling for me to do my bit on Ty hafan welsh dragon. Just waiting on a rely now. so i'm happy!!!

I like writing blogs now,looks like i got a few nice comments already, thank you. as on webshots i didn't get many and comments can make you a bit more confident.

Happy stitching all!

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Carla said...

sounds like it's going to be a very cute card...can't wait to see it!