Friday, 7 March 2008

My Piece for Hanny's Hearts Blankets

I am quite proud of this. popcorn bear is so cute! Tjis is my first finish of 2008. you never know i might do another one soon, but not this design, took me ages to do. as you probably can see, you can see some thread going across the back. i thought to myself i will have to do it this way rather than keep casting on and off as the longstitches might come undone. especially if people are going to wash the blanket.
if you would like to stitch for charity go to


Lisa said...

that's so cute Amy, and for a great cause too, well done on getting your blog up and running!

katmum said...

Thats really cute Amy.Well done. Also congratss on the BLOG.I only have pics in mine keep up the stitching :)
Hugs Daisie/Chris