Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Made a little Mistake

I had nearly finished Eeyore on the snowman project one. and i found i made a mistake. Thank God i don't have to undo it all, just one of his legs.
i shall have to get on with red rum project soon, but at the moment i'm into the pooh snowman project.
I also done a little angel card from Mouseloft. so when i mount it, i will obviously show you the results.
well i'm off home today. Have no pc at home, so i won't be blogging for a few weeks. but hopefully will get plenty of stitching done i could show you.
Im hoping to get cross stitch card shop magazine this weekend as it has the cute reindeer kit freebie. So i will probably have loads of stitching to show you soon.

i'm really hoping i can finish one big project by christmas.

anyway, thanks for visiting my blog......

Take care and Happy stitching!!

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