Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Thought you'd might like to see some old finishes....

Here are some finished projects i done when i use to go to stitching classes.
I'm quite proud of them actually! Took me while to scan them in.

and only a little bit of cross stitch in sight!

Hope you enjoy my photos.....

Here is some crochet. a christmas coaster.

some crochet samples here.

a bit of canvas work. made into a scissor fob.

some blackworkmade with metallic threads.

a sample of Applique work.

Herringbone stitched piece.

This is lovely. some hardanger work.

Here is a temari ball. I am planning of making this into a windchime. when i can get the bits!

you can also use the as christmas tree decorations or put some in a bowl to look fancy.

a bit more crochet. this is supposed to be square!

my favourite piece of crochet. i could make another one of these and make it into a bag if i wanted.

some ribbon embroidery. this is pretty. oh look so cross stitch too!

some more applique. supposed to put this together as a pin cushion.

some unfinished temari balls

This is Cute! an applique Jam pot cover.

Thanks for Looking!!!

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starydreamer said...

wow amy you have some lovely finishes
hugs kay