Sunday, 17 August 2008

wow its been a long time!

since i wrote here last. well i haven't done much stitching over the past couple of months. but i have nearly finished of paddington bear card from cross stitch card shop magazine.

so will hopefully show that off soon. I don't know why but the stitching is taken me a while on this one and its only little.

anyway i was pleased when i saw my dragon in cross stitch crazy magazine in the ty hafan article. actually i was amazed at the whole article. perhaps i can scan it in so people can see it.

also had a little gift from cross stitch crazy. it wasn't a stitchy item, just a keyring. don't really know why though. but its cute! here is a pic of it, but my cameras not that good. oh well hopefully i will be doing some more blogging this week. I don't have the internet all the time unfortunately.
Happy stitching all!

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