Monday, 15 February 2010

An Eventful Weekend.

My First ever San Man originals Stitched and my first finish of 2010.
A valentines card,, this took me ages to do. well what seemed like ages. The half stitches were quite fiddly.
I have left out the Backstitched stars as i thought it might be too much as i want the design to focus on the hearts and i done this on 16 count aida so i thought it may be a bit to much anyway if i added them. not because i was too lazy to do them or that i could do the french knots. I can do french knots haha.
The card is a lighter colour than it shows on here so you can see the red more.
Anyway i finished it yesterday. and he loved it!

Still stitching the other what i said i'm stitching. I;m stitching a bookmark for him too. Thats not finished yet, that will take a few days.
I done some while watching the Wales v Scotland match. Oh i'm so glad we won in the end. Rubbish game but well done Wales for getting there in the end!
Saturday it was our anniversary, as well. yes and we watched that match. He bought me a bunch a red roses, they're gorgeous! I suppose they were for saturday and valentines day.
I was over the moon!

Sunday, i went to a car boot sale, haven;t been to it for a while. I didn't get much. I bought some top trump cards as the other half collects them.
God knows how many packets of them he got. But the ones i had for him were really old ones.
In the Mirror paper this week, they're giving away Top trump cards. you have to go to WHSmith to collect the box.
So i done this on sunday as well. I had to go there twice as it didnt open until 11am!
But anyway i put over the voucher for the top trumps box, it was a piece of card!! i thought it would've been a plastic case! you have to pop out the piece of card and fold it to make it into a box. well they could've put this in the paper with the cards. That really annoyed me that did.

When we got back i finished my san man valentines card at last. Cooked sunday dinner, watched 2 adam sandler films. 50 first dates i enjoyed. Then Click came on and that was a load of rubbish. i won't be watching that one again.

Happy Stitching!


Carla said...

Lovely card! SMO's snowmen are really cute :)

socialsue said...

Really cute! I love all of sanman's designs!


Felicity said...

It's lovely!

Chars said...

very cute... love it