Monday, 22 June 2009

Done it!!

Finally i have added the writing 'Red Rum' like i wanted on sunday, father's day. So i gave this to my dad straight away! He's thrilled with it. all i want to do now is find a suitable frame for it, i think i would like a boarder mount for it as well.
Dad didn't go to his trip on sunday after. The bus didn't turn up! Dad and his friend were there on time at least 5 mins before they were there for a full half hour waiting.
So when my dad's friend complained apparently the bus was there. Well just saying he was there, but actually was he there?
Anyway done some more on my WIP and i have done some colour mixing also called tweeding on it, quite a pain in the backside!

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Father's Day

Here is the Father's day card i finished yesterday. From last years Cross Stitch card shop magazine. It was quite quick to do.

I was going to put this into a aperture card. i picked out the suitable colour out of the pack. When i go to unfold the card to put my stitching in, it was all stuck together!

How, i do not know it was stuck as like i normally would stick them but with the stitching in of course. But this had no stitching in it, and it was still in with the other cards as if it hadn't been touched.

I tried to pull it apart but it was way too sticky. It was a light green colour card anyway. why it was stuck without anything in it i don't know. So the blue looks quite fine to me now.

Anyway, he has had this early as i won't see him on sunday until about 7pm.
He will be off on a trip with his friend to the Brecon beacons in Wales.

So i am to cook the dinner again. We will be having beef dinner by the looks of things.

Well here is some more progress on Margaret Sherry Horse. Been doing some right side of the background. Sorry about the pic, i hate where the hoop makes a ring too.

June Goals:
Fathers Day card~done
Add a bit of writing on red rum project.
Carry on with MS Horse~still progressing
Start something else or carry on with a different WIP or UFO.

Happy Stitching!!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

June Stitching Goals

Hello all, well its been so long i didn't realise! These days just fly by....
We've had nice weather and some days have been horrible.
Well we have had more good news on our stuff, but havent really been able to get back for it. The Landlord has been lying he said to the lady who is helping us that we have not been evicted,lol. Doesn't mean we're going back there though.
But he also says our stuff is still in our room. but now we're just waiting on a man and a van. Hopefully everything will be there.
If nothing is there, lady said we can go to the police.

Anyway, back to the stitching. I havent done much, apart from the past few days. Done some on my MS horse and started on a father's day card.

June Goals:

Fathers Day card~Started
Add a bit of writing on red rum project.
Carry on with MS Horse.
Start something else or carry on with a different WIP or UFO.

Happy Stitching!